Looking back at our numerous years of experience and satisfied customers, Al Hamra has been designing and customizing vehicles and trailers at our workshop in Abu Dhabi for more than 20 years while taking in consideration the specific needs of the End User. Such customized solutions are but not limited to:

  • EOD Vehicle.
  • CBRN Vehicle.
  • Advance Patrol Vehicle.
  • Covert Surveillance Vehicle.
  • Mobile Command and Control Vehicle.
  • Firefighting Vehicle.
  • K9 Vehicle.
  • Mobile X-ray Vehicles.
  • Mobile Workshop Vehicle.
  • Civilian or Military Armored Vehicle.
  • Mobile Checkpoint Solutions.
  • Ambulance and Mobile Hospital Solutions.
  • All sorts of Trailer solution.

and more….

For more details, please feel free to contact Al Hamra.