Our expertise and strategic partnerships with international suppliers allow us to utilize our wide range of technology, products, and services to create a customized solution for law enforcement and Military agencies. Hence, our wide range of products can also be customized in order to meet customer requirements.

  • Weapons and Ammunition such as handguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons, sniper rifles, as well as standard or special types of ammunition.
  • Tactical Equipment such as mini unmanned vehicle, response vehicle, ballistic vests & helmets, tactical apparel, scopes, thermal imaging equipment, night vision, and communications equipment system.
  • EOD/IEDD solutions such as response vehicles, robots, fixed and portable containment vessels, waterjet cutters, shotguns & ammunition, detection & disposal equipment, and bomb disposal personnel equipment.
  • CBRN prevention, detection, identification, protection, and response integrated solution.
  • K9 such as suppling green or trained K9 dogs in addition to all the equipment needed for training and mission operation.
  • Advance Patrol Vehicles customized and outfitted with a range of Microsoft AI technologies that include the latest drones, surveillance devices, license-plate readers, tablets, wearable video cameras, health monitoring solutions in order to ameliorate mission planning and implementation, increase operational precision, enhance life safety, and better interoperability and situational awareness through sensor integration and information sharing.