Critical Infrastructure Protection is a part of homeland security for any country. Al Hamra is providing critical infrastructure protection through integrated security solutions for governmental organizations, ministries, as well as companies in the oil and gas, transportation, energy, water and sewage treatment, and communication industry. Our solutions include the latest technology of surveillance systems, inspection and access control. We work together with organizations to enhance the security standards and prepare the plans and measures for any risks or crises. By offering an integrated solution that combines cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment in order to provide powerful, flexible, customizable solutions, and safeguard critical assets and perimeters. Our integrated system includes the following subsystems and products:

  • Video Surveillance and analytics.
  • Access Control.
  • Alarm Systems.
  • Sensors (Fence detection, High frequency cable, Microwave barriers.
  • Security Gates, vehicle screening, Door Systems and Barriers.
  • Land and Maritime Tracking Software.
  • Radars.
  • Communication.
  • Management System.

  • CBRN Detection Sensors.