Surface and Sub-Surface

Al Hamra offers a number of leading-edge surface and sub-surface manned and unmanned solutions designed for early detection and critical infrastructure protection as well as underwater special warfare. All solutions have been adopted by major Western Navies and Special Operations units and AL Hamra is proud to be bringing unmatched technology to operators in the region for a real operational advantage.

Al Hamra’s autonomous underwater gliders can perform long-range, long endurance surveillance and survey missions for months, collecting precious data and providing a very detailed model of the underwater environment, thus making early threat detection all the more likely and accurate.

Furthermore, Al Hamra’s underwater manned vehicles offer unparalleled performance in terms of load carrying capability, navigation precision, operating range and ease of use. A complete range including breakthrough undersea tractors and heavy-duty submarines for combat divers is available.

Finally, Al Hamra also offers retrofit kit for RIB ships allowing improved performance in terms of speed, stability, comfort, fuel consumption and noise emissions to gain a definite tactical advantage over non-equipped boats.