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The Al Hamra Group is a conglomerate which specializes in defense, security, intelligence & counter-intelligence, providing tailor-made solutions for customers in both the private and public sector, with a view to ensure a better, safer future for the United Arab Emirates and the region as a whole.


For the last thirty years, we have based our strategy on the simple principle that the changes that our world is undergoing require adequate preparation and that we put forward an adequate response. Since Al Hamra’s inception, we have tirelessly worked to shape ourselves as one of the most dependable local companies in our industry.


With our innovative, tailor-made solutions, we focus on total customer satisfaction for all technical challenges, technical excellence, quality, on-time delivery, and service. 

Chairman’s Message

Ever since Al Hamra’s inception in 1982 my father’s vision has always been to contribute to the safety of our Nation. As I took over his legacy this has always been the first thought in my mind when I walk into my office each morning.


We have always worked on the principle that our customers are the heart of our business. As such, we have always strived to ensure that the best of what technology has to offer is made available to them, in the way that they need it. It is thanks to this philosophy and our constant affiliation with the crème del la crème of what the market has to offer that we have forged solid, long-standing relationships with our customers and have become a trustworthy source of advice, solutions and support.


Our thrust is built around an ability to work with a number of diverse partners across various sectors and by being in continuous research of new providers that would support the development of the defense and security fields in the region. I am very proud to say that, with time, Al Hamra has become the local partner of choice for a number of leading technology providers in our industry by, amongst other things, acting as a translational channel between local demand and foreign supply. This allows us to give our selected international partners a clear insight of our clients’ local needs and this puts them in a position to effortlessly address these in tune with such requirements.


In addition, created as a result of the demand by Al Hamra’s international partners to assist them on their ongoing activities on the ground and in response to our customer’s need to have a dependable interface to manufacture and customize vehicles in accordance with their specific requirements, Al Hamra can also count on its own industrial capability. Strong of its facilities in Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi, and availing itself of over fifty staff speaking more than 9 languages, the Al Hamra Integrated Logistics Centre can also proudly provide a variety of services including around the clock maintenance and disaster recovery, integration and assembly. This has proven a win-win solution for our international partners, permitting them to outsource such services locally and increasing dependability and responsiveness vis a vis the customers who can benefit from interacting with a dynamic local entity which is able to promptly and efficiently address every issue.  


Driven by a pool of highly qualified professionals and individuals, today, thanks to our commitment to reliability and excellence, we have been able to replicate our model in a number of countries in the Middle East and are continuing our expansion to North Africa by being one of the first Emirati companies establishing a presence in Libya.


Mohammad Marwan Abdul Malik Youssef Al Hamar


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